St. Mary’s Catholic School provides for a well-rounded curriculum in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the State of Illinois and the Diocese of Belleville.  The following subjects are required for all students:

Religion           Math                Science                           Physical Education

Art                     Music              Language Arts              Social Studies

French (5-8)  Computer Skills Training & Education


Techniques being implemented in the program include:

6 + 1 Writing Traits                                                              Cooperative Learning

Use of manipulatives in both science & math                Interdisciplinary Units

Lifetime Activities (5-8)                                                      Computer Lab

Interactive white boards                                                     Ipad Stations

Mobile Laptop Lab


Our Goal – Positive Reinforcement and Self Esteem


St. Mary’s Catholic School Staff seeks to develop the students’ intellectually and emotionally. Therefore, the use of positive reinforcement to develop a child’s self-esteem is used throughout the school.  This method makes the child aware of and responsible for his or her own personal actions.  To reinforce this approach sometimes contests and certain achievements result in rewards and recognition.  Staff members advocate that all adults working with the students in extra curricular events also adopt this process.

Activities, through which positive reinforcement and self-esteem are developed, include:

                1 – Daily Classroom Helpers, which are chosen on a rotating basis,

                2 –Classes being responsible for the ministries at Mass

                3 – Catholic/Christian Education.






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