Browser Usage

Here’s some statistics. The following graphic shows the top 10 browsers used to visit WordPress Sites in August and September of 2012.

breezi browser usage About the Internet Explorer Browser

As you can see, Internet Explorer is in fourth place with less than 3% of total visits for this period.

Now let’s take a look to the specific versions of Internet Explorer.

breezi internet explorer usage1 About the Internet Explorer Browser

The older (and very outdated) versions 6 and 5 are almost gone.

If you still prefer to use Internet Explorer for browsing or visiting our site, we recommend that you update to the latest stable version and use the compatibility button. At the time of writing this, January 2013, the latest version is IE 9.

And remember, you can continue to visit our site with IE, but you may have difficulties viewing some elements of our site.


We recommend using the following browsers (download and install them from these links):



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